Medb_deviceTHLady Medb ingen Echuid lives in the Kingdom of Caid in Southern California. Medb joined the SCA in 2006 in the Kingdom of Trimaris in Florida, and she moved to Caid in 2007. Medb is best known for her costuming. Her primary interests are currently Dynastic Egypt and 16th century Netherlands and surrounding regions, though she enjoys creating clothing from many periods and cultures. Her previous focus and current third love is 14th-15th century. Medb also enjoys pottery, with focus on alchemy themed projects to use in herb craft and with her period alchemy lab. Medb is also a thrown weapons marshal and an archer, both target and combat.

Medb’s heraldry: Per pale gules and sable, a panther sejant dexter forleg raised argent spotted of diverse tinctures and incensed Or between three triquetrae argent.

In the mundane world, Medb is known as Daisy Viktoria and has her own fantasy inspired clothing line, specializing in corsetry and bridal.

If you’re interested in a custom garb/costume order, please send an email to:

You can also visit Medb’s etsy shop for some highly requested items: Polka Dot Panther Garb on etsy